ESPHome on the Konnected Alarm Panel (ESP8266)

Konnected Hardware works with ESPHome

For even more flexible integration possibilities, you can load the open-source ESPHome firmware on the Konnected Alarm Panel and Konnected Alarm Panel add-on. ESPHome allows you to connect to more platforms using MQTT or a custom API integration.

This guide applies to the ESP8266-based Konnected Alarm Panel products, including the original Konnected Alarm Panel (with NodeMCU) and the Konnected Alarm Panel v2 (with integrated ESP-12F).

ESPHome Setup

Follow the ESPHome Getting Started guide to set up a new project and yaml file for each Konnected device that you want to configure. The Konnected Alarm Panel will support all features of the Generic ESP8266 device platform in ESPHome. When prompted for the board type, use esp12e or nodemcuv2.

Example ESPHome starting config:

name: my_konnected
platform: ESP8266
board: esp12e

ssid: "my-ssid"
password: "my-wifi-password"

Flashing ESPHome

  1. Install the device driver for the Konnected Alarm Panel and your operating system, see step 1 here: Flashing Konnected Firmware & Software
  2. Connect the Alarm Panel or NodeMCU to your computer with a data quality micro-USB cable.
  3. Run esphome konnected-esp8266.yaml run to build and flash the customized device firmware.

Zone Numbers Correspond to GPIO Pins

ESPHome doesn't know about Konnected's zone number mapping, so when setting up the Konnected device in ESPHome, use the corresponding GPIO number or pin number. The zone to GPIO pin mapping can be found here.

Example Config File

Download an example configuration file for a typical 6-zone installation with siren. Use this to get started and customize to meet your needs.

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