Alarm Panel Pro: Release Notes

The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro software stack runs on the ESP32 microcontroller on the board and is updated regularly by the Konnected team. There are two "layers" to the Konnected stack: a firmware and an application layer.


Alarm Panel Pro firmware is the underlying operating system that runs on the chip, built from the NodeMCU Lua open-source project. Konnected distributes firmware builds optimized for the Alarm Panel Pro and versioned with our own version numbering system.


The Alarm Panel Pro application layer is developed and maintained by the Konnected team, and is not open-source. However, the application is freely distributed here and via the Konnected app.

Release Notes

Current Release: March 22, 2021

Application version 1.2.4
Firmware version 0.1.5-047de6 (source)
Download flashable image: konnected-pro-1.2.4-1.bin

Current Release: March 17, 2021

Application version 1.2.4
Firmware version 0.1.4-742727 (source)
Download flashable image: konnected-pro-1.2.4.bin

  • Gracefully clean-up/shut-down before rebooting in a failsafe scenario, avoids occasional stuck/wedged reboot.
  • Improve OTA firmware update download efficiency. Reduces OTA update failures.
  • Settings lock feature also prevents OTA update when locked.
  • Firmware: Extend internal watchdog timeout to improve reliability on longer running threads.

February 16, 2021

Application version 1.2.3
Firmware version 0.1.3-742727 (source)
Download flashable image: konnected-pro-1.2.3.bin

  • Fully remove Rollbar library
  • Additional log messages when REST connection timeout

February 14, 2021

Application version 1.2.2
Firmware version 0.1.3-742727 (source)
Download flashable image: konnected-pro-1.2.2.bin

  • Firmware stability improvements.
  • Fixes crashes related to ds18b20 sensor reporting
  • More lenient ssdp string parsing
  • Fix log severity reporting for firmware errors
  • Disable Rollbar reporting temporarily to avoid double exception causing wedged device

December 22, 2020

Application version 1.2.1
Firmware version 0.1.2-c6ad607 (source)
Download flashable image: konnected-pro-1.2.1.bin

  • Force use of Google's DNS servers ( and when connecting to AWS IoT. This fixes a DNS issue with some customers using Comcast/Xfinity routers.
  • Prevent crashes/reboots when certain settings are misconfigured.
  • Send crash reports to Konnected's error reporting service (Rollbar) for analysis

November 4, 2020

Application version 1.2.0
Firmware version 0.1.1-1b58e0 (source)
Download flashable image: konnected-pro-1.2.0.bin

  • Various bug fixes for edge cases causing crashes/reboots
  • Enhance console logging
  • Adds capability to lock/unlock settings to prevent unauthorized changes (feature coming soon in Konnected mobile app)

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