Alarm Panel Pro: Known Issues

Micro-USB Port breaks off easily

Affected version: Alarm Panel Pro

The solder quality on some units is poor on the micro-USB port. This issue is resolved in hardware batches 2108 and newer. Use gentle pressure when connecting and/or disconnecting a USB cable to avoid breaking off the USB port. If your USB port is broken off and within the warranty period, contact us for replacement.

Cold Boot / Reboot Inconsistency

Affected version: Alarm Panel Pro v1.5

Intermittently, the Alarm Panel Pro may fail to boot when powered up from an unpowered state. This is indicated by the green POWER light and blue STATUS light remaining on solid for more than 10 seconds after powering on. Related to this issue, sometimes the REBOOT button does not cause an immediate reboot like it should.

Workaround: If your device does not boot, and the blue light remains on solid, press the REBOOT button just below the status lights to trigger a reboot. When successful, the blue STATUS light will blink several times as the device boots and obtains an IP address. If the reboot does not work the first time, press the REBOOT button again repeatedly, waiting about 10 seconds between each press, until the device successfully boots, as indicated by the blue light blinking.

This issue does not affect a "soft reboot", when the device reboots itself due to an update, failure, or user trigger.

Ethernet Connectivity Inconsistency

Affected version: Alarm Panel Pro v1.5, batch 2006

On some routers or switches, the Alarm Panel Pro may fail to obtain an IP address when connected via Ethernet. If you're experiencing this issue, please contact us for a repair or a replacement.

Note: This issue only affects Pro batch 2006. The batch number is printed on the back side of the Alarm Panel Pro, under the text "ASSEMBLED IN USA"

Blue "STATUS" light remains solid

A very small percentage of customers have reported devices that are powered but unresponsive, with a solid blue STATUS light that does not blink at all even when pressing the REBOOT button. If your device is exhibiting this behavior and within the warranty period, contact us for replacement.

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