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Alarm Panel Pro: Forcing Wifi Connection

In certain cases the Konnected Mobile app may not be able to help you connect your Pro via wifi to your network. In these cases use the directions below to force a wifi connection

To accomplish this procedure you will need computer with the Firefox browser and the RESTClient add-on installed

1. Start RESTClient
2. Select Headers - Custom Headers - Type in 'Content-Type' - In the Attribute Value - type 'application/json'
3. In Method select - PUT / in Http -
4. In the body - {"ssid": "your-network", "pwd": "your-network-password"} - substitute your SSID and password
5. Power on the Pro board - join it's network with your computer.
6. After joining - tap Send - 
7 The blue light should blink and stop. If it does it should be on your network.

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