We know you are excited to get your Alarm Panel Pro online and working. Before you do we want to give you some important info you will need to get going.

Konnected App 0.7.5 or Newer

You'll need the Konnected app version 0.7.5 or newer to work with the Alarm Panel Pro. Download it for free from the Apple and Google app stores:

          Get it on Google Play 

Firmware Updates

Your device will arrive with Konnected firmware pre-loaded, but it may be slightly out of date. The current device application version is 1.2.0. Use the Konnected App to update over-the-air, or follow this guide to re-flash your device manually.

Ethernet or Wi-Fi

To connect to Ethernet, just plug it in! To connect to Wi-Fi, use the Konnected App (version 0.7.5 or newer) to set up Wi-Fi on the device.

Smart Home Platforms

  • SmartThings - The Alarm Panel Pro is supported with our new Konnected Cloud based integration. It can not be used with the older Groovy-IDE based integration. Follow our setup guide for Konnected Cloud + SmartThings here.
  • Home Assistant - Konnected works with Home Assistant automatically. Just connect it to your network and HA should discover it on the Integrations tab.
  • Hubitat - Install the konnected-pro and konnected-pro-device Hubitat app, and all drivers from konnected-hubitat on GitHub
  • OpenHab - OpenHAB integration is still in development. Please contact us and we'll work with you on getting early access to this platform.

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