Wiring a Interface Expansion

V2 Board

1. Set up the v2 Boards with the Zones you want to monitor & the Alarm Out as a Momentary Switch

2. Attach the ribbon cable to the Interface Module

3. Attach the Relay for the Key Switch - 5V to DC+; G to DC-; Out to IN

Interface Module

1. Attach Reference voltage - Vref to Aux +; GND to the Aux - (Do NOT connect this to the AC power on your board)

2. Attach the terminals to Zone side of each terminal on the zones you are looking to monitor

3. You will tune the potentiometers for so they are illuminated when the zone is closed and off when the zone is open.

Relay Module (set up for a Key Switch)

1. Wire a resistor from the Com to the Com of the Key Switch zone

2. From the NC to the Zone of the Relay place a wire

Note: the Momentary switch may need to be set to open for at least 1000ms to work with most systems.

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