Migrating from the ST Smartapp to Konnected Cloud

Konnected was originally installed for SmartThings through setting up Smartapps and Device Handlers in the SmartThings Groovy IDE. However with the grandfathering of the ST Classic app and officially integration of Konnected with SmartThings we are transitioning to the Konnected Cloud. 

Important Info: 

As of March 2020, we will no longer be developing or updating the Smartapp and Device Handlers. At this time we have not been given a date that the ST Classic app will be discontinued. 

Below are instructions to set move from the old integration to the new. 

  1. Make sure your Konnected boards are on 2.3.3 or newer firmware via the Konnected Mobile app. 2.3.1 or later can be updated 'Over the Air'.  Older firmware will need to connected via micro-usb and flashed. 
  2. Download the Konnected mobile app and configure the boards.
  3. Connect the Cloud to your SmartThing instance in the newer ST mobile app
  4. Test your sensors and sirens in the SmartThings app
  5. Rerun your SmartHome Monitor setup or automations
  6. Remove all sensors and sirens from My Home (in the Classic app) that you set up in the Smartapp
  7. Remove the boards from the Konnected Smartapp. (After all the boards are removed you can also remove the Konnected Smartapp, but it is not required)

Important Info: 

Failure to follow the final 2 steps will result in the boards reverting back to their setup in the Smartapp eventually and will need to be resynced to the Konnected Cloud and SmartThings

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