Discover Using the Konnected Mobile App

Konnected Cloud enables integration with SmartThings without the need for a hub or additional hardware!

This section will guide you through using the Konnected mobile app to discover, set up, and provision your Konnected device(s).

  1. Download & install the Konnected mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

    Get it on Google Play 

  2. Plug in the device(s) using the included power adapter. Let them connect to your network (the blue light should blink a few times and then turn off)

    To make it easier to know which device you are connecting to, we recommend powering only one module at a time. Then label the module so you know which it is.

  3. Your mobile phone should be connected to the same WiFi network as the Konnected device(s). Tap Scan Now to discover the Konnected device(s) on the network.

    After a few seconds, the Konnected devices found on your network will show up in a list.

  4. Tap on each device in the list one at a time (devices initially shows up as konnected-xxxxx). From this screen, you can see the status of the device and change the name if desired.

    Software updates, if available, will also appear here with a prompt to update automatically.

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