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After provisioning, the Konnected device will begin reporting sensor state by calling back to a HTTP endpoint derived from the endpoint setting. When using the REST/HTTP communication type, the sensor state data is sent as a JSON payload in a PUT request to the endpoint. The endpoint's URI is automatically appended /device/DEVICE_ID where DEVICE_ID is the 12-character MAC address.

In the case of AWS IoT, the sensor state data is published to a topic konnected/DEVICE_ID/PIN where DEVICE_ID is the 12-character MAC address of the device and PIN is the pin number (see Pin Mapping).


Assume that you've set endpoint to in the provisioning step. A device with MAC address 60:01:94:8B:CD:53 would call back to:

Binary sensor payload

{"pin":1, "state":1}

The sensor loop on pin 1 is open.

DHT sensor payload

{"pin":1, "temp":"20.900", "humi":"48.500"}

The DHT sensor on pin 1 reported 20.9 degrees Celcius and 48.5% relative humidity.

DS18B20 sensor payload

{"pin":1, "temp":"20.900", "addr":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"}

The ds18b20 sensor on pin 1 with address XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX reported 20.9 degrees Celcius.

Response and Automatic Retry

Konnected expects a success response from your application's server (200 or 201 response code). If a successful response is not received, the device will automatically retry the state update up to 10 times before rebooting in a failsafe procedure.

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