Konnected devices connect via WiFi (or Ethernet on the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro) to an IP network and can communicate with other devices on the LAN or over the internet via a simple REST API. This API documentation describes how to use the Device API to integrate your own product or service with a device running Konnected software.

This documentation is relevant for Konnected devices running firmware version 2.3.0 and above.

Communication Protocols


Konnected implements SSDP, a standard LAN device discovery protocol, so that your device or application can find it on the local network. Learn more: Discovery


Konnected devices can communicate bi-directionally to a home automation controller using a simple REST API. The Konnected device runs a web server to listen for HTTP requests on a specific port, allowing your application or home automation controller to send commands or requests to it using HTTP calls. Additionally, the device makes HTTP calls (aka callbacks or webhooks) with JSON payloads to a specified endpoint when the device needs to communicate state changes in real-time.

Internet access is not required when using HTTP communication -- operation can take place entirely on the LAN.

Amazon AWS IoT

Konnected can also talk directly to AWS IoT, enabling cloud-based integrations without needing a local controller or home automation server. AWS IoT integration is implemented using MQTT over Websockets. In this case, an internet connection is required.

API Documentation Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Discovery
  3. Provision device
  4. Sensor state callbacks
  5. Actuating sirens or switches
  6. Pin Mapping

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