Forcing a Wifi Connection

In most cases you can simply follow the normal setup to attach you wifi cards to your network. But in some instances the normal setup does not work. This can be because you have special characters or spaces in your SSID. In these cases you may need to force the wifi connection. 

Here's how

  1. Power the Konnected Wifi board via usb
  2. Connect to the network it is broadcasting with a phone, tablet, or computer
  3. Open a browser window and enter the follow address into your address bar. Substitute your SSID for MYWIFI and your network password for MYPASSWORD.
  4. Hit return. The card should then connect and the blue light should go out. If it does you have connected. Power cycle the board and check in your router's device list for the Konnected card (usually listed as Node-xxxxx)

If this does not work

It's possible that your SSID is not compatible with Konnected. We would encourage you re-name the network with something without spaces or special characters. And then try to connect the cards again.

If that doesn't work contact technical support for future help.

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