Fixing a Reboot Loop

Diagnosing the loop

Look at the Device Status for the board. If the uptime never gets above a minute or two it is probably in a reboot loop. If the blue light is continuously blinking in an irregular pattern it is most likely in a reboot loop.

Causes for the reboot loop

  1. Out of date SmartApps or Device Handlers. The first thing to check is if you have Smartapp and Device Handlers updated. If you use SmartThings and Github you can easily and quickly update. If you use another hub check out GitHub site for updated code.
  2. You board has a memory issue. We worked to optimize memory on our recent (5/19) firmware update to 2.2.7. Moving to this update should fix it.
  3. Your board has lost it AUth token. If you uninstall Smartapps this can happen. In the newest firmware - under the zone assignment screen there is a slider to re-iniate the token. Otherwise this will be fixed by the procedure below.

Here is an overall procedure to regain a board in a reboot loop

  1. Remove the sensors from My Home in the ST app (only those on the misbehaving board)
  2. Remove the board from the Konnected Smartapp
  3. Flash AND Erase the board using our tool - Flashing Konnected Firmware & Software
  4. Put the board back on your wifi - Connect to WiFi
  5. Discover and set up zones (tip: when setting up zones disable discovery this time)
  6. But the board back in, power it up, and test the zones
  7. If everything works - re-set any SHM or automations set up on those zones.

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