Alarm & INTERFACE Panels

We currently have two version of the Konnected panel available. 

The Konnected Alarm Panel completely takes over your old panel. The old keypads will no longer function. And all your sensors will be available to use for both security and home automation through your SmartHome hub.

The Konnected Alarm INTERFACE panel works in conjunction with your legacy alarm. Your keypad and monitoring stay in place. It hooks to your sensors for home automation. If you have an available programmable zone and a key switch zone on your legacy panel you can set them up to monitor the status of the legacy alarm and remote arm/disarm via your SmartHome Hub. 

Below is a chart that compares the two different boards.

 Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE
available starting at $99
Konnected Alarm Panel
our original product available here
Installation methodConnects in parallel to an existing wired alarm system via jumper wires from each zone to the Konnected board.

See our INTERFACE Installation Video
Completely replaces an existing wired alarm system. Connect sensor wires directly to the Konnected board.

See our Konnected Alarm Panel Video
Smart Home platforms supported

SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat

SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat
Arming & disarming

Arm and disarm your existing alarm system as you normally do using the keypads.

If your existing system supports it, you may be able to arm & disarm remotely via the Konnected board using a relay and key switch.

Arm and disarm using your smart home framework.

Keep your existing keypads.

Not compatible with existing keypads. Keypads are not necessary with home automation. Control from your smartphone, voice assistant, or replace the keypads with wall-mounted touchscreen tablets.
Professional Monitoring

Keep your existing pro monitoring service.

Self-monitor for free with no recurring fees.

Noonlight pro monitoring is available on some platforms via smart home integrations.

Connect an external communicator with inputs using a relay module.

Siren Connection

No built-in siren connection.

It's possible to control the siren via Konnected using the included relay module.

Built-in connection(s) for most 12V alarm system sirens.

Best Choice For

Your existing alarm system still works, you use it frequently and are happy with it.

You want to also use your wired sensors for smart home automation including lighting, HVAC, notifications, etc.

Your existing wired alarm system either doesn't work, isn't used frequently, or doesn't meet your needs. Or, your home is pre-wired with sensors but no alarm system is installed.

You prefer low-cost, convenience,  control, and automation over "industry standard" security systems.

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