Connecting Jumpers

Jumper wires make it easy to create tight connections between copper wiring and Konnected. Most in-wall wiring is 22 AWG solid copper wire. This type of wire fits perfectly with the jumper wires included in the Konnected DIY kit or available here and on Amazon.

Use a wire stripper to strip about a centimeter of wire insulation from the end of the wire. If you don’t have wire strippers, you can use a pair of scissors or razor to gently score the wire insulation without cutting the copper core. Then use your fingernail to peel off the insulation, exposing the copper wire.

Holding the copper wire tightly in your fingers, push it firmly into the female end of the jumper cable. Be careful to not let the copper wire bend or break as you push it in. The wire should be snug in the jumper cable connector.

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