Experimental Compatibility with the New SmartThings App

The New SmartThings App still does not officially support custom devices like Konnected. At this time we still recommend that you use the SmartThings Classic app. We're continuing to work with the SmartThings team to ensure that Konnected will one day be fully compatible with the new SmartThings app.

In the 2.2.2 release, we added some metadata to the Konnected device handlers that enable basic functioning in the new SmartThings app. If you set up Konnected prior to 2.2.2, follow these steps to get it to work.

  1. Update and publish all Konnected SmartApps and Device Handlers
  2. In the SmartThings IDE, go to My Devices
  3. Click on a Konnected device that is not functioning in the new SmartThings app
  4. Click the Edit button near the bottom of the screen
  5. Make a note of the Type attribute. Now change the Type to something else (it doesn't really matter what) and click Update

  6. Now immediately change the Type back to what it was originally and click Update
  7. Reload the new SmartThings app, and the device should now function

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