SmartThings: Updating Konnected SmartApps & Device Handlers

We regularly release software updates for Konnected devices and SmartThings integrations. Follow this guide to update Konnected SmartApps on the SmartThings platform.

Updating via GitHub 

If you installed the Konnected SmartApp using the GitHub integration, it's very easy to update:

  1. Log in to the SmartThings IDE
  2. Go to My Locations then click on your location.
  3. Go to My SmartApps. When you see a SmartApp highlighted in blue or purple, it needs to be updated.
  4. Click Update from Repo and select konnected-security

  5. Check the checkbox next to each SmartApp in any of the three columns.
  6. Check the Publish checkbox and then click Execute Update
  7. Repeat this process on the Device Handlers page

Updating Manually via Copy & Paste

If you have not integrated GitHub with your SmartThings account, follow these steps to update manually

  1. Log in to the SmartThings IDE
  2. Go to My SmartApps and click on the name of the SmartApp you wish to update. You'll see the SmartApp's code displayed.
  3. Open another browser tab and find the update SmartApp source code from Konnected's GitHub Repository here.
  4. Drill in to the groovy file source of the SmartApp that you need to update.
  5. Click on Raw to see the raw source code.

  6. Highlight everything and copy to your system clipboard (CTRL-C or CMD-C).
  7. Go back to the browser tab with the SmartApp open on the SmartThings IDE, highlight everything, and paste the updated code (CTRL-V or CMD-V).
  8. Click Save and then Publish -> For Me.
  9. Repeat this process on the Device Handlers

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