Disabling device discovery

In Konnected 2.2.1 a setting was introduced that allows you to turn off device discovery on the device. If device discovery is turned off, the Konnected device will not respond to discovery requests from your hub or other devices on the network.

You may want to disable discovery for a few reasons:

  • It improves security by making the Konnected devices undiscoverable to others on the network.
  • It reduces load on the device itself, potentially improving performance and reliability.

First create a static IP address

Important! Create a static IP address reservation for each of your Konnected devices before disabling device discovery using your router's DHCP configuration. It's best to keep the same IP address that was automatically assigned initially to the device. This ensures that the IP address of the Konnected device never changes.

Disable device discovery

SmartThings and Hubitat

Using the SmartThings mobile app or the Hubtat dashbaord, launch the Konnected SmartApp, tap on the desired device, tap Next, scroll down and turn off the toggle for Enable device discovery. Tap Save to sync the setting to the device. The Konnected device will then reboot and will no longer respond to discovery calls.

Home Assistant

Add discovery: false to the device configuration. Also be sure to specify the host: and port option so that the device can be found manually.

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