Device reboots often

Check the uptime of the Konnected device by viewing the Device status page from within the Konnected SmartThings SmartApp, or by browsing to the IP address & port of the device in your web browser (example:

Every device will have a different (randomized) port for its embedded status server. This is for "security by obscurity". You can find the port number in the Konnected SmartThings SmartApp, or in the home-assistant.log file for Hass users.

Typically, Konnected should run smoothly without reboot for weeks at a time. However, sometimes reboots are expected. The device will reboot for any of these reasons:

  1. After updating zone/pin configuration or settings.
  2. After a power failure.
  3. When the remote service can't be reached, for example when SmartThings or Home Assistant is down.
  4. When the configured WiFi network can't be found or joined.
  5. After running out of memory

If you see frequent reboots and can't identify the cause, your device may be rebooting due to memory limits. Follow this article to disable discovery to conserve resources.

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