Device Debugging with ESPlorer

Alternate Debugging Methods

ESPlorer is not recommended for basic debugging. Instead, we recommend the following lightweight tools:

  1. Download and install the CH340 device driver for your operating system. This allows your computer to communicate with the NodeMCU module via a USB connection.

      CH340 driver for Windows

      CH340 driver for Mac

  2. Download ESPlorer which is a Java application that allows you to connect to, debug, and develop software for the ESP wifi modules. Drag ESPlorer into your Applications folder. You may also need to install Java if it's not already on your computer.
  3. Plug in the wifi module to your computer using a data quality USB cable.

  4. Open ESPlorer and select your the device port from the drop-down list. On Mac it’s something like /dev/cu.wchusbserial1410 and on Windows something like COM3.

    Check your cable

    If a serial port doesn't show up in the drop-down box, check your USB cable. Make sure it's a high quality cable that is capable of transmitting data.

  5. Set the baud rate to 115200 in the drop-down

  6. Click Open to establish a connection, then click RTS button twice to reset the device and you should begin to see output:

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