Debugging Device Discovery with NetDisco

NetDisco is a Python 3 library used by Home Assistant to help with discovery of network devices, including Konnected. It can also be used as a quick and easy debugging tool to discover SSDP-capable devices on your network.

 Python 3 required

This guide requires Python 3 installed on your computer and some familiarity with command line tools. This article does not cover Python 3 installation, but there are lots of guides out there on the internet that can help with this.

  1. Install the netdisco package with pip3:
    pip3 install netdisco
  2. On the command line, run:
    python3 -m netdisco
  3. Within a minute or so, you should see a list of discovered devices. If your network is working properly and Konnected devices are online and connected to WiFi, you should see a konnected section with details about the Konnected devices discovered.
  4. If you do not see any Konnected devices discovered, but you're sure that they are online and connected to WiFi, this indicates that SSDP traffic is being blocked or is otherwise not reaching your WiFi network. Consult your router or firewall user's manual or support website for help configuring your router properly to pass SSDP traffic to the wireless network.

There are many different types of routers and modems out there. Konnected Suppport can not give specific advice or support for your router configuration.

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