Konnected Mini-UPS/Backup Batteries for Routers

Backup Battery for Wi-Fi router, cable/DSL modem, hub or Raspberry PiWhen your smart home relies on network connectivity to stay smart, backing up your networking devices is super important! In case of a power failure, this backup battery will provide up to 5 hours* of runtime for your wireless router, cable modem, smart home hub or other networking device.

Special offer! Due to a specifications error, this battery is not suitable for powering your Konnected devices. The Konnected boards consume to little power for this to stay on. However, this battery is perfect for most consumer routers and modems, which are just as important to back up in case of a power failure. Because of our ordering mistake, we have a limited number of these to sell at a discount!

Works with most 12V DC powered devices

This battery can supply up to 2.5A of power (2500mA). Check the power adapter that came with your device for the output specs. If it's 12V and less than or equal to 2.5A, it will work. Common 12V devices include:

  1. WiFi routers 
  2. Cable/DSL modems
  3. Network switches
  4. IP camera

NOTE: Not all brands/models of the above devices require 12V DC power. Check your device's power requirements before buying.

Also backs up and charges USB powered devices!

This battery also provides up to 2.1A of uninterrupted power to your 5V USB devices. Works great for:

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Voice assistant
  3. use as a portable power bank!

* Runtime varies widely based on the power consumption of the device(s) connected. This is just an estimate.

Package Includes:

  • Konnected branded Mini-UPS device with 7800mAh battery
  • DC male to DC male power cable
  • 2.1mm female to 2.5mm male DC power cable adapter


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