Garage Door Hardware Setup

Konnected is a platform to take legacy wired security systems and turn them smart. But that's not the only thing it can do. 

One thing many of us use everyday are garage door openers. Integrating an older garage door opener into your SmartHome can provide convenience and security. And most garage doors can be 'upgraded' fairly easily.

Important Note: this tutorial and the production of a garage door opener is given at your own risk. We will do the most to make it functional and safe. But we encourage you to check with your insurance provider and local codes as to any issues this may cause.

What you will need?

  • A Konnected DIY Board & Wifi Module
  • Relay(s) (one for each garage door you want to control)
  • Open/Close sensor on each garage door (these can be wireless through SmartThings; wired through Konnected)
  • 12V power supply

Optional - but HIGHLY recommended!

  • Piezo buzzer
  • Warning light & a relay

Initial Software Setup of the Opener

  1. Connect your Konnect board to your Wifi
  2. Discover your board in the Konnected SmartApp
  3. Install devices(See the chart below for suggested configuration setup)
    • opener (relay) set as a momentary switch 
      • Low-level relays work on Pin D1, D2, D5, D6, D7, RX
      • Important Note: change all openers to low-level triggers in the Thing menu after you complete the install of your devices
    • open/closer sensor
    • buzzer as a blink/beep (just not on Pin RX)
    • warning light as a switch

Suggested Configuration for 2 Garage Doors

SmartApp Setting
Opener #1
Momentary Switch
Opener #2
Momentary Switch
Blink/Beep (set to 30 times)
Open/Close Sensor #1
Open/Close Sensor #2
(Optional buzzer location)

 Next Step: Wire the Hardware

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