Arming and Disarming with Presence Sensors

A “Smart” security system is different from the traditional alarm system panel that you’re used to that requires manually arming and disarming the system using a keypad. The best way to use your new Smart Home Monitor system is to automatically arm and disarm the system as you come and go based on presence. To set this up, configure Routines to set Smart Home Monitor to Armed (Away) when the Goodbye routine is triggered and Disarmed when the I’m Back routine is triggered. You can then automate the triggering of these routines with Everyone Leaves and when Someone Arrives.

Three Way You Smart Home can know you are home


You can set up your phones using the SmartThings app to act as a presence sensor. You can do this for each adult by inviting them to your SmartThings account. This will also allow them to control other smart devices in your home.


Samsung has a fob that can be used as a presence sensor. This will work similarly to a phone's presence sensor. Just configure it as a device on your hub.


If you don't want to give someone access to your SmartThings account or you don't want to purchase a fob you can use the free account through Life360. This service allows users to build a group and see each other's location via an app. In SmartThings you can connect that information so the user's phones become a presence sensor. (Note: Due to the nature of Life360's connection you can only have one place designated. Multiple locations may throw off the presence modes)

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