Many interconnected type wired smoke detectors (the kind when one alarms they all alarm) are compatible with Konnected if you have the right type of wiring and relay.

2-Wire Smoke Detectors

Many Honeywell / Ademco alarm systems particularly the popular VISTA-20P use 2-wire smoke alarms that are powered by supervised 12V power from the alarm panel. Unfortunately these will NOT work with Konnected. Popular smoke detectors models that DO NOT work with Konnected are System Sensor 2W-B, 2WT-B, COSMO-2W and Interlogix 521B, 528B.

4-Wire Smoke Detectors

Most 4-Wire Smoke Detectors can work with Konnected if your wiring is accessible and you have a relay compatible with your smoke detector. Many smoke detectors operate on household AC power, so a relay is necessary to signal low-voltage devices like alarm systems and your Konnected board. If your smoke detectors were previously wired to your alarm panel, there’s probably a relay already installed. If not, there are links below to relays for many popular models.

Once you’ve identified the smoke detector signal wires, connect the two leads of the relay to the Konnected to Zone 1-5 just like any other sensor. If your relay has both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO)wires, uses the NC one.

System Sensor (4-wire models)

These don’t need any additional equipment, they just work! Connect the yellow/green pair to Zone 1-5 input and (G)round just like any of the other sensors.

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