Using a Tablet as a Keypad replacement

So you upgraded to Konnected. And now you have an old unused keypad. Now what? Below are a couple options and instructions. 

Leave It or Cover it up

Once you install Konnected your keypad is no longer controlling anything. But it doesn't have to be removed. It is probably covering a hole with wires coming out. You might elect to just leave it alone. Or you might just patch the hole. With the wires disconnected on both sides they can be left in the wall without any danger. Or you can put up a nice picture or decoration to cover the hole. The only drawback here is most keypads are mounted a little low.

Replace it

Some users want to replace the keypad with a SmartHome control panel. 

What you need

  • Tablet - You can use any tablet that can access the internet. But most choose to use an Amazon Fire tablets due to their cost, size, and availability. You might even have one laying around that will work. If not, Woot runs some cheap deals if you are looking for one.
  • Power - You will need to make sure your tablet can stay powered. Some people wire up a 120V AC plug behind the tablet. But you can also re-purpose the wiring from the keypad to the alarm for  power. At Konnected we sell a voltage reducer that you can connect to the power from your existing panel or the Konnect board to plug into the tablet.
  • Wifi Connection - You will need to connect the tablet to your Wifi network
  • ActionTile App - Actiontiles is a great, configurable web app that lets you see and control your SmartThings from any web browser including on a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Getting it going

  1. Clean Unsued Apps and Install Helpful Apps - a script has been written to easily and quickly set up your fire tablet. Run it on a new or reset tablet and it will clean off the tablet and install the apps below.
    1. Fully Kiosk Browser - this is a browser many use because of the different option including locking it from being tampered with. You need to register it to unlock all the features. (Dakboard - this another free, customizable, web app that many use for a screensaver via fully on their tablet.)
    2. LANnouncer - this is an app that can be installed on an Android tablet. It can then be used with SmartThings as an speaker. See how to use it for a pleasant door chime.
  2. Mounting - There are several option for mounting your tablet. Several people are 3D printing frames and selling hardware to mount. Check both Bob on FB & John on Etsy.

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