Smart Home Monitor

Smart Home Monitor is a home security application that’s built in to the SmartThings mobile app. Once you’ve added your wired sensors and siren into SmartThings using Konnected, you can use all the features Smart Home Monitor to protect your home and receive notifications if something out of the ordinary happens.

Smart Home Monitor is a product by Samsung SmartThings. We can provide tips and advice on how to use Smart Home Monitor effectively with Konnected, but for technical support specifically related to the Smart Home Monitor application or the SmartThings app, please contact SmartThings support.

Setting Up Smart Home Monitor

After you’ve set up your wired door & window sensors, motion sensors, siren and smoke/CO detectors you can configure Smart Home Monitor to monitor and use these devices. Smart Home Monitor is accessible from the Dashboard in the SmartThings mobile app. Follow this guide from SmartThings Support to set up Smart Home Monitor.

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