How do I connect it?

Simply connect your Alarm (or Bell + /-) wires to the Alarm +/- connection on the main board. They are the 2nd and 3rd screws from the left of the main board. (Add-on boards do NOT have an alarm output as most homes only have one siren)

On the main board the - connection is to the right side of the BLACK screw connection. Also the + connection is on the center screw (On the sensor connections the G(round) or - is between the numbered connections) Your alarm will receive a 12DC power when the alarm is activated. 

Important Note: The Konnected board is rated for a maximum of a 12V @ 1.4A or 15W siren. Exceeding these limits could damage the board.

What if my alarm doesn't sound?

  1. Check that you have wired it correctly. Check to make sure your wires are not reversed. 
  2. Check to make sure it isn't JUST a speaker. Many alarms simply have a speaker and the panel acted as the alarm sounder. If that is the case check out some other easy and affordable options.

What if I need to connect a second siren?

Next Step: Wiring your Buzzer/Sounder

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