The piezo buzzer that comes with your Konnected kit can be wired directly to the Konnected board with two jumper wires. Also the pins on the buzzer are NOT interchangeable. One of sides of the piezo buzzer will have a + marking on it and will need to wired to an output. The other pin will need to go to a (G)round.

There are two ways you can wire it.

Using a Zone

Connect the male side to any output zone (any zone accept zone 6 which not an output zone) and the female side to the + on the buzzer. Connect the other male-to-female jumper to the Ground (G) on the Konnected board and the other pin on the buzzer. 

Using the 5v output (add-on boards ONLY)

If you have more then one Konnect board you should have received an add-on board. Instead of using a zone you can use the output pins. Using female-to-female jumpers, connect OUT to the + on the buzzer. Using another jumper connect one side to the G and the other pin on the buzzer.


Don’t forget to make that zone a beep/blink switch). After you have saved you can customize the number, length, and pause between beeps in the ‘thing’ options.

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