Upgrading from Konnected SmartApp to Konnected (Connect) SmartApp

If you Konnected SmartApp is simply labelled as 'Konnected' not 'Konnected (Connect) you have the older version of the app. We would highly recommend that you update to the new SmartApp Konnected (Connect) & Konnected Service Manager. The old app will work however the old will not be maintained or updated in the future.

Here’s how to upgrade

  1. Install the New SmartApp in the IDE. Detailed instructions can be found @ Konnected (Connect) & Konnected Service Manager app
  2. Note the Pins/Zones of your current Installation (don’t forget anything you might have customized)
  3. Make note of any routines, SmartApps, etc. that your things are used in
  4. Remove at Devices under the Things menu in the SmartThings App connected to Konnected
  5. Re-install and configure devices using the New app: Konnected (Connect)
  6. Re-Setup any Routines, Smartapps, or SmartHome Monitor using the newly re-created devices

Special Note: Do Use Actiontiles as a controller?

Don’t forget you need to Re-Authorize ‘things’ & reset them up on your panel

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