Updating to the new "Parent/Child" Konnected SmartApp

 Using Konnected before January 2018?

In January 2018 we released an improved Konnected SmartApp. Since this is a new "parent/child" app architecture, there's no way to migrate from the original Konnected SmartApp. Follow these steps to set up Konnected again using the new app.

Follow these steps if you installed Konnected prior to January 2018 and your SmartApp is named "Konnected".

  1. Install the new Konnected SmartApp in the IDE. Detailed instructions can be found here: Konnected (Connect) & Konnected Service Manager app
  2. Note the pins/zones of your current installation (don’t forget anything you might have customized). You will have to set this up again.
  3. Make note of any routines, SmartApps, etc. that your Konnected devices are used in.
  4. Go to My Home in the SmartThings App and tap on each Konnected device and remove it from SmartThings.
  5. Re-install and configure devices using the New app: Konnected (Connect)
  6. Re-Setup any Routines, Smartapps, or SmartHome Monitor using the newly re-created devices

 Do you use ActionTiles?

You will need to re-authorize ‘things’ in the ActionTiles SmartAapp & set them up again on on your panels

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