When will my order ship?

We know you're very anxious to receive your new Konnected Alarm Panel pre-order. We're working hard to clear a large backlog of pre-orders.

We are shipping pre-orders in batches by order number. Orders are not necessarily shipped in numerical order. Please see below for ship date timelines:

Kickstarter Backers #1 to #100
Kickstarter Backers #100 to #600
Kickstarter Backers #601 to #1100SHIPPED!
all remaining Kickstarter BackersSHIPPED!
pre-orders #1800 to #2500
pre-orders #2501 to #5000SHIPPED!
pre-orders #5001 to #6000
pre-orders #6001 to #7000    SHIPPING NOW!
pre-orders #7000+    SHIPPING NOW!

What is my Backer Number / Order Number?

If you pre-ordered Konnected via Kickstarter in November or December last year, your pledge confirmation from Kickstarter will include your backer number. You can also log-in to your Kickstarter account and go to your backed projects, and click on the Konnected Alarm Panel project to see your backer number.

If you pre-ordered after the Kickstarter phase ended (December 18, 2017 and later), your order number will be shown on the email confirmation that you received. You can also check the status of your order(s) by logging in to your online account at konnected.io.

What about accessories or add-ons?

We will consolidate your order(s) and accessories into a single shipment to save on shipping and fulfillment costs. Your entire order will ship according to the estimated schedule above. 

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