OTA Update Failure


This issue has been fixed in Konnected firmware 2.2.0 and newer. Update to the latest firmware & software.

2018-03-06: Recently we've received several reports of users' devices becoming unresponsive with a continuously rapidly blinking blue LED following a OTA (Over the Air) update. After some investigation, we've confirmed that OTA updates on devices with software version 2.1.1 and older will fail and leave the device in a bad state because they cannot contact GitHub. This problem just started occurring, and we think it's related to some change on GitHub's infrastructure.

Konnected's OTA update function works by checking GitHub's API for a newer released version of the Konnected code, and then downloading it. Recently and suddenly, the Konnected device is no longer able to query GitHub. It's possible that GitHub is intentionally blocking this type of API request, or that some change on GitHub's infrastructure has unintentionally broken this functionality. 

My device is running version 2.1.1 or older, what should I do?

DO NOT tap the "Check for Update" button on the device status page. This will make the device unresponsive. We recommend that you update to the latest version of Konnected (see below).

My device is stuck in the failed update. How do I fix it?

To recover from a failed OTA update, re-flash the device with the latest Konnected firmware and software.

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