SmartThings: Install the Konnected SmartApps with GitHub

SmartApps are installed on the SmartThings platform and allow devices like Konnected to communicate with your SmartThings instance. Konnected requires two SmartApps: the Konnected (Connect) app and its child app, Konnected Service Manager.

  1. Go to My SmartApps in the SmartThings IDE.
  2. Click Update From Repo and choose the konnected-security repository.

  3. Select both the konnected-connect.groovy and konnected-service-manager.groovy files in the New column in the interface that pops up.
  4. Click Execute
  5. Now we will publish the Konnected (Connect) app. Click on the konnected-io : Konnected (Connect) app that was just added to My SmartApps
  6. Click Publish and then select For Me

  7. Next, click the Edit icon next to the Konnected Service Manager SmartApp
  8. Scroll down to the OAuth section in the SmartApp settings and click the button Enable OAuth in SmartApp.

  9. You don't need to enter anything into the fields that show up. Just make sure to click the blue Update button.

Install the SmartApp Manually

If you’ve already installed the SmartApp with GitHub, you can skip this section!

  1. Go to My SmartApps and click New SmartApp.
  2. Click on the From Code tab on the New SmartApp screen.
  3. Click here for the Konnected (Connect) and Konnected Service Manager source code. You will need them both.
  4. Copy and paste the SmartApp source code into the code editor and click Create.
  5. Follow the steps above (start at #6) to publish the Konnected (Connect) app and to enable OAuth on the Service Manager.

Next Step: Install the Device Handlers

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