Connect each Konnected module to WiFi one at a time. We recommend you do this initial setup before mounting and wiring your system.

  1. Power on your boards one at a time by connecting the power supply.
  2. When the Konnected device is powered on you should see a slow blinking blue LED indicating that it's trying to connect to WiFi. Until WiFi is configured, the device will broadcast its own WiFi network named konnected_XXXXXX for configuration.

  3. Connect to this WiFi network with your smartphone or computer, then open a web browser to

  4. Select your wireless network from the dropdown menu and enter your WiFi password. After tapping Save, the device will connect to your home WiFi network and the LED will stop blinking and be solid blue or turn off.


    The WiFi network that the Konnected devices are on must be on the same LAN/subnet as your SmartThings or Home Assistant hub.
  5. Un-plug and re-plug the device to reboot it. The blue LED will blink for a few seconds and then turn off, indicating that it's connected to WiFi and ready to be added to your SmartThings network.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all boards in your kit.

 2.4GHz WiFi Only

The Konnected device supports 802.11b/g/n wireless standards.

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