Unboxing your Konnected Kit

Congratulations! You're about to get Konnected!

What's in the Box?

Each kit will have a slightly different number of items, depending on what size kit they bought. For ease of reference for the two types of Konnected boards, I have the 12-zone kit pictured here:

You should receive:

  • A Konnected Board(s) (number depends on the zone kit you ordered)
  • An ESP8266 WiFi module(s) (number depends on the zone kit you ordered
  • One 12v power supply (plus additional pigtail connectors, for additional boards)
  • Four DuPont wires for connecting items such as sirens or a piezo buzzer to the board
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Konnected window sticker
  • Konnected logo sticker
  • Wire label sheet for identifying wire sheet
  • Blue acrylic board for mounting kits in existing alarm boxes
  • Welcome Postcard with instructions!

The kit comes with the Konnected board:

Wait - Why is the Konnected Board red?

This is a production model - to ensure quality, they make a few of these to ensure their quality is up to standard. The ones you receive will be blue.

Note there are a few areas of the board to pay attention to:

  • On the upper left is the 12v DC connector for your power adapter to connect to. This is an easy connection, and far better direct wiring to a NodeMCU board.
  • On the upper middle to right is the pin connectors for the ESP8266 board./li>
  • On the lower right, are the connections to the alarm zones. Each number is for the positive side of each sensor, while the "G" in between some of the numbers are for grounds. Each ground can have multiple wires connected to it.
  • On the lower left is the connections for 12v output as well as the siren. 


Unless you specifically ask, you will receive only one (1) type of this board!

The remainder of the boards will look like this:

This board comes with some very important differences:

  • The middle left part of the board has connections for +5v, GND and OUT. This is used for outputs, such as piezo buzzers.
  • The lower right connections also have an OUT connection, which may be better for whichever type of wiring your house has.
  • The lower left has 12v and negative connections as the board above it does, but it does NOT have a siren connection.

What if I didn't receive everything listed here or my order is wrong?

Let us know right away! Contact Us @ help@konnected.io!

Next Step: Inserting Your WiFI Module

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