Identify the Alarm Panel & Add-on boards

There are two types of boards included by default in kits over 6 zones. A "Konnected Board" and 1 or more "Add-on Boards"

By default, you will receive 1 Konnected Board in your 12 or more zone kit, the remainder will be Add-on Boards. There are some key differences between the Konnected Boards and the Add-on Boards.

The Konnected Board

  • 12v DC connector for power adpapter.
  • 12v output and siren

The Add-on Board

  • connections for +5v, GND and OUT (used for outputs such as piezo buzzers)
  • additional out screw terminal (can be used for outputs such as piezo buzzers instead of a jumper wire from the OUT pin)
  • NO siren connection

For most homes, this default configuration will work fine, as most alarm systems have only one siren. 

If you would like to be able to use 2 sirens or a siren and a strobe, etc., you can simply send a request to and ask for additional "Konnected Boards" in place of your "Add-on Boards".

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