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Clear or Show Fault Alerts in VISTA 20 Remotely?

I have Konnected interfaced with my existing home alarm system consisting of a VISTA 20 with the new SmartThings app. I can Arm Stay/Away and Disarm. If the Alarm is triggered, I am notified, so I can disarm the alarm remotely in SmartThings. However, if I click Arm Away/Stay later it won't arm because there is still a Fault Code that needs to be cleared. 

Is there a way to show faults or clear faults through some mechanism in Konnected that would flow through to SmartThings?


  • hello, mine must have disarm code enterred twice to remove the Fault code, have you tried it?

  • it's possible to do that but if you click that button again and there is no fault, the system will arm and then disarm. 

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