ST Groivy IDE is dead long live what now ?

I would like to migrate completely from ST as it's a bust once they disabled Groove.

Which is better Habitat or Home Automation to migrate my custom device Handlers and Konnected devices.

  •  I believe you mean Hubitat or Home Assistant.

    Hubitat is my preference. Less DIY and a great community.

  • I still have 2.2.3 version...  I did not upgrade to Konnected App, cause it was always working fine :-)

    I'm early adopter of this stuff.

    I don't want to migrate to anything which will die like Graph did :( 

    So you say Habitat ?

  •  Yes

  • I migrated to Hubitat because I did not want to depend upon cloud connectivity for certain activities (Firing a siren if a zone is tripped and I am away).  I ultimately came back to ST.  I really tried with the whole Hubitat platform, but it was really just clunky, I could get to about 85% of everything I wanted to do, but could neve get anything to 100%.  They changed the remote connectivity model.  It worked but I was never happy.  I just migrated back to ST when I installed my new ProPanel.  (I was an early adopter of Konnected way prior to the Pro Panel being released.  Other than a few issues with an addon card, it has been stable.

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