Unable to manually update firmware (Konnected Alarm Pro)

I posted this over on the r/konnected reddit but unfortunately I'm still having the issue, so I'm posting here as well to see if anyone has ran into this issue:

I noticed in the Konnected app there new firmware is available but requires being updated (manually). Following the instructions on install.konnected.io, I downloaded the drivers and plugged in a micro-USB cable into the Konnected Alarm Pro board to my Windows 11 laptop, but nothing is detected (nothing showing up in Device Manager). I do only have USB-C ports so I'm using an adapter to the micro-USB cable. However, I've used this adapter with several other things so I know the cable works. I've also tried multiple micro-USB cables that I know work with other devices for data transfer.

  • Definitely ditch the adapter.

    USB-C is not required (and may not be supported?)

    Borrow an older laptop running Windows 10 with a traditional USB port and try again.

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