Wiring a relay - i.e Honeywell 4229 with Vista 20P

If you can't use the on-board relays on the Vista 20P you may need another way to indicate armed/disarmed status.   

I added a 4229 expander board to the system and used the one relay on it to indicate armed/disarmed status.  Because the relay has no voltage, you need to supply it.  I used the Konnected board to supply it +5V.

The diagram is below.  Hope that helps other folks.

ALso if you are using multiple zones with 4-wire smoke detectors the pins on the Vista20P may be used!   You'll need an expander to make it work!

(124 KB)
  • Hi Jon, so you connected also your smoke detectors? 

    Were you able to use Z1 with a resistor?

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