Guidance for setting up Homekit via Homebridge/Hoobs

Are there any resources to help me understand how to setup my Konnected Alarm and Zones in Homekit via Homebridge/Hoobs?  

I feel like I am just poking around, shooting in the dark, with no clear understanding or guide.

I have been able to setup the zones, however, via Konnected plugin in the zones section.

Specific questions/issues:

Alarm tile in homekit just keeps spinning and either says arming or disarming

Alarm tile in HK only has a on and off toggle switch, no arming options, like illustrated

Do I need to install Config UI X plugin, as per the Konnected Plugin suggests?  I have done that, and nothing else seems to happen.

Please let me know if I am missing something obvious, as I have been searching all over for a clear walkthrough.

Thanks in advance!


  • Feel free to join the discord channel for help. It’s on the plugin readme
  • Any chance you can add the link for the discord channel here?  

  • Thanks, Mike!
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