Home assistant binary sensors show as unknown after restart

Hey all just noticed in home assistant (2022.05.3) when I restart home assistant all my konnected binary sensors for doors and windows show the state as unknown. This lasts until I got around to each zone and open and close them then they show as open or closed. Because of this my alarm will not trigger until I reset each zone. I believe this unknown state might be a bug in the home assistant konnected integration. Any idea of what can be done about this?

  • Are you running the current firmware on the konnected devices? I think I was having that issue a while back and I updated the firmware on my devices and I think it solved it.

  • I'm having the same issue, I have updated firmware reinstalled integration (twice) etc etc still no joy..is there a fix?.. thanks in advance
  • Same here any advice?
  • Same here Any advice?
  • Also an issue for me...

  • I noticed the same issue several months ago. It turns out having the "Device Lock" on the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro was causing this. I never had this issue before as I've had my Konnected Alarm Panel Pro with "Device Lock" enabled since I first set it up a couple years ago, but after a Home Assistant update I started experiencing this issue.

    I created a ticket with Konnected when I had this issue but ended up figuring it out on my own. I submitted this as a bug to them but I think they just told me it's working as expected and closed my ticket. I'm not sure what the intended design is but I would think you should be able to enable "Device Lock" and not cause device states in Home Assistant to show up as unknown until you trigger the sensors.

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