How to Turn OFF 4-Wire Smoke Detector with Sounder


I have multiple System Sensor 4WTA-B I3 Series 4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/ Thermal and Sounder throughout the house. The issue I have is once the sounder is initiated, you have to unplug the konnected board to kill the power to the smoke detectors to reset them and make the sounder stop... what are you doing to "systematically/programmatically" reset the smoke detectors without having to unplug the konnected board? I am thinking of a 12V relay to handle this but I would think konnected boards should be smart enough to handle this like a traditional alarm panel with a dedicated "fire" zone.

  • I managed to handle this with a 5v relay on OUT 2 bridging the positive power from the board to the smoke alarms. I created an automation for if the alarm is triggered and any of the smokes are sensing smoke and the alarm is deactivated then turn on Alarm 2, pause 5 seconds, turn Alarm 2 off. This essentially cuts the power to the smokes then turns them back on which resets the smokes.
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