Door Contacts Sensor Taking a Long Time to Show Closed

I just recently installed 4 of the 6-zone panels and connected my existing sensors to the boards.

I have some window and door sensors (they are the same Reed style recessed contact sensors) that show closed correctly when I view their status on my Hubitat dashboard. Some of the doors/windows I see their status change immediately, for example it show open as I open the door/window and then when I close it it show Closed immediately. Other doors/windows it will show Open immediately when I open the door or window but when I close the door or window the status does not update to Closed for 10 minutes or so. This is not specific to one of the alarm panel boards as I have both scenarios (immediate update for one/some zones and delayed update for one/some zones) occurring on the same panels.

Is this an indicator of a failing contact sensor? They seem pretty basic and operate based on magnetic field so I wouldn't think there is much to go bad with the contact sensors. 

Anyone experience this and find a solution? I'm thinking of replacing the sensors but some of them would require cutting into drywall so I figured I'd ask here first. 

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