Hi! I recently got my Konnected boards and to test things out I connected 3 window/door sensors to one of the boards. I can see their status changing in the Konnected app. I then set up Homebridge, installed the Homebridge Konnected plugin and everything seems to be fine. I added 2 zones (choosing the ones which have sensors connected to them), chose that they are contact sensors and then added Homebridge to Homekit.

In Homekit I get an alarm icon and I can change its status, for example off or away. The thing is that I do not see any sensors and do not get any notifications when I open one of the windows.

Could you please advise me on what it could be that I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

  • I can only add that I have identical issue when setting things up through Home Assistant (I posted in a HA specific section as well).

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