Hey guys! I just finished setting up my new beeper, to discover that the main purpose I had in mind for it seems to not be possible.

Most HomeKit/homebridge security systems have a way to configure a delay for "Away" arming, as typically you would arm your system in the house and then leave through your front door. But I can't find any way to do this with Konnected's security system. To be clear, I'm talking about setting the system to away, the "Security System" device in Homekit shows "Arming...", the beeper begins to beep, then after a preconfigured amount of time, the beeper turns off and the security system is set to "Away".

Is this possible? Am I missing something? This seems like a pretty important feature for a security system.

If it's not implemented in the current homebridge plugin, it seems that it may not be too hard to do so  (especially since the code for the alarm trigger delay already exists), so I may have a stab at it.

Thanks so much!

  • Hi Mike, I didn't mean to be rude, I geniunely didn't know if the old US alarm systems worked differently to those in the UK. I shall delay my install until your code update is completed (I am more than happy to be a beta tester for you as I build my system up on the bench).

    Thank you for working on it - greatly appreciated.


  • Not to worry, I’ve been planning a sequential launch over the following week. Testing has been successful for some of the code changes I’ve made. And this feature included.

    Sorry this took me so long to get to.

  • Hey Mike - any idea on when you may do the launch?

    Thanks for keeping after this one!!


  • Hey Jay et al,

    As promised I've been able to find time to work on this, please see my progress with testing in a short video I made.

    I am working on having the beeper countdown get progressively faster like traditional alarms do, as well as a switch for silent arming of the alarm.

    Two other features that are directly tied to this implementation are the sensor bypass feature and arming-cancellation if a sensor is open while attempting to arm if the sensor isn't set to be bypassed.

    I can't release anything until the entire orchestration for these features is completed.

    Regardless, here's the video: https://youtu.be/Pq1gz16EHFg

  • Thank you Mike for the great communication! I love to see the progress.  

    Let me know if you need any beta testers!!

  • I am also looking for the same solution. I want a 30 seconds beep when I press Armed on my Fire tablet on the wall and then you exit the house and the system gets armed after those 30 seconds elapsed. 

    Same for returning home, giving you the time to disarm the system.

  • Did this get rolled out?

  • yes, all set

  • Mike Kormendy,

    Can you give us an update on this feature?


  • Had to create some SmartThings automation with some IF, THEN...

  • The latest version changelog  is here: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected/releases/tag/v1.2.1

    Please note I will no longer be support the plugin on the official Konnected website/forum/github channels.

    It is still supported on my personal github repo, on the homebridge discord channel, and I will still be publishing it on NPM (without any hiccups in updating) at my own leisure in the future.

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