Hey guys! I just finished setting up my new beeper, to discover that the main purpose I had in mind for it seems to not be possible.

Most HomeKit/homebridge security systems have a way to configure a delay for "Away" arming, as typically you would arm your system in the house and then leave through your front door. But I can't find any way to do this with Konnected's security system. To be clear, I'm talking about setting the system to away, the "Security System" device in Homekit shows "Arming...", the beeper begins to beep, then after a preconfigured amount of time, the beeper turns off and the security system is set to "Away".

Is this possible? Am I missing something? This seems like a pretty important feature for a security system.

If it's not implemented in the current homebridge plugin, it seems that it may not be too hard to do so  (especially since the code for the alarm trigger delay already exists), so I may have a stab at it.

Thanks so much!

  • Before, I answer this fully. Is there a reason, beyond traditional convention, how this feature is needed in your setup?

  • Hi! I need it because everyone here uses the home hub iPad (next to the front door) to arm the system for away, and then leaves the house through the front door, and that's how they're used to doing it.

    So yes and no? Depending on how you look at it, haha

  • I'm not sure when this feature will get attention considering I didn't intend for this feature to be a thing. My rationale was that if you're using HomeKit to control your alarm system, that everyone else in the home would be using HomeKit as well. And in that case, it would likely be on everyone's phones (they are in my house). At that point, it's just a matter of a little human-reprogramming to arm the house after you've already left.

    If the other people in the home are not on an iPhone, or they aren't allowed to have an iPhone, then that becomes a conflict of responsibility as well as a conflict of platform and maybe choosing a more brand-agnostic approach would definitely be a more suitable choice (like SmartThings, Hubitat or Home Assistant).

    I can't help but resolve that this feature was something from the traditional alarm system era where there was no wireless remote arming of an alarm system available. The only way to arm the alarm system securely was with the alarm panel within the home with the countdown feature was to allow the person time to leave before setting off the alarm.
  • After some research, I've found a couple justified reasons why having a security mode delay is still necessary:

    - for cleaning staff or pool cleaners to exit and set the alarm before leaving after cleaning your house or pool
    - for the nanny to exit the house and set the security system while dropping the baby off at day care

    - in commercial applications such as an office, to allow staff without remote access to set the alarm when leaving

    I will put this on the project board. At this time, there is no estimate when this will be completed - but it's in my list of things to work on.

  • Hi Mike, 

    I thought this feature would depend on what system you're linking Konnected too. For exampler, i use smartthings which has a delay feature buil in via the STH monitor. 

    One thing it does miss is the audible notification (beep beep beep) that people are used to having in conventional alarms. Is there anything for this 

    Thanks in advance. 

  • Guys, Im wanting the same setup?  Isn't the buzzer and arm delay supposed to make this work?

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