Homebridge Plugin Public Release (Version 1.1.4)

Since version 1.0.1, and then 1.1.0, we have some more fixes in incremental releases that have corrected and cleaned up a few things.

Version 1.1.4 is likely the most stable version yet as we iron out all of the wrinkles based on issues exposed in the wild.

News and Updates:

  • HOOBS functionality is now working! With their release of version: 4.0.91, it finally allows our plugin to gain most of the basic functionality that it had with native Homebridge, with some quirks.
  • We have a few more tickets in with HOOBS to get their configuration user interface to have the same experience that Homebridge provides. One main issue we've seen that might trip users up is the configuration of the different modes that sensors can trigger the security system with. Fortunately we have a simple/temporary solution documented here.

Bugs and Issues: 

If you're having issues with the plugin and things are not working as expected, please create a new ticket!


  • Fixes location of call to process sensor accessory actions. (16b3317)
  • Fixes invalid value for characteristic properties on the security system service. (008cd1a)
  • Corrects typo and terminology. (b122a5c)

Forum Notes:

I will be locking these forum release entries to encourage everyone with issues to create separate forum topics for their issues, which we can convert into tickets and triage to provide clean solutions for the public, and to reduce unrelated issue overlap.