Do people feel supported? Future of Konnected?

I've been following Konnected for a while and haven't yet pulled the trigger to purchase as an upgrade for my old DSC 8 station wired security system from the 90's.   

One of my concerns has been the lack of support/community in these forums.   I notice a LOT of posts that get no responses, especially in the automation integration sub forums (ST, Hubitat, HA, etc).    Doesn't seem to be much activity from both a community or more noticeably anyone associated/employed by Konnected.   I posted a topic back in September 2020 and got no responses.   

Do people feel like this is a product that will continue to be supported in the next few years?   Has the luster worn off?    Is this forum just not getting any traction and I should look elsewhere?    The Konnected subreddit doesn't seem very active either.

Are owners feeling like they are getting what they need out of the product today and for future integration/expansion?   Would having company/official involvement in these forums or another social fabric be beneficial in interacting with your customers and learning how they are using your product?

I compare with something like Inovelli's community forums.   The CEO, CTO and marketing managers all interact with customers on a daily basis.     It definitely makes you feel heard and that you'll get an answer to your concerns quickly.

Curious as to what others think?

  • <crickets>

    Guess that answers my question!

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