Pro board ... how to handle more than 12 zones?



I'm considering moving to Konnected and am particularly interested in the Pro board ... but (ideally) I would be looking to implement 18 zones. 

I've been searching around but haven't found a doc or video etc, that explains ... how does hooking up multiple Pro boards work? Do they expand from a parent like the previous versions (if I even understand that right), or do they just have multiple, separate, instances that I will have to use my Hubitat (or whatever) to collate and make sense of?


  • lol, sry for weird editing artifact.

  • I have 2 of the pro boards. they don't connect to each other. you set up all your zones using whatever integration you choose. I use homebridge and its managed all there. each board has its own IP address and UDID. you enter all your zone info in there and you're done. 

  • Was suspecting this might be the case. Thanks for providing clarity.

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